Are there accessible toilets in the library?

Are there accessible toilets in the library?

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Craiglockhart Campus accessible toilets

At Craiglockhart, the nearest accessible toilet to the Library is along the corridor from the Library on Level 0.

In the corridor, the accessible toilet is located on the left hand side of the lift, if you are facing the lift.


Merchiston Campus accessible toilets

Within Merchiston Library, there is an accessible toilet next to the other toilets within the library, which are located near to the exit doors to the corridor that leads to the main building.

The door is locked and a swipe card is kept at the Help Desk. The key must be requested and signed for. There is a note on the door outlining this process, which instructions on what to do outwith staffed hours also.


Sighthill Campus accessible toilets

Within Sighthill LRC, accessible toilets (Toilets for All) are available on LRC2, LRC3, LRC4 and LRC5 (West Side only).

There is level access to the toilets via a lift on each floor.

On LRC2, the accessible toilet is located on the wall straight ahead of you as you enter via the doors from the Atrium. The accessible toilets on LRC3, LRC4 and LRC5 are in the same location.


Students: Go to Accessibility and Inclusion on MyNapier

Staff: Go to Accessibility and Inclusion on the Staff Intranet


Also see: AccessAble Website


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