I’m a student, how do I access my University email?

I'm a student, how do I access my University email?

Aimed at:  Edinburgh Napier’s students

You access your student Outlook email using your Office 365 account, which is an online “cloud” account provided by Microsoft.  You can also access your email via a mobile device.

Accessing your email account via a browser:

Accessing your email account via iNapier:

  • If you have the iNapier mobile app: open the app and choose the Email tile – find out how to get the iNapier app
  • You will be taken to the Microsoft sign in page where you will need to sign in using your Edinburgh Napier email address, and password.  Your email address is <your student number>@live.napier.ac.uk, e.g. 00123456@live.napier.ac.uk.
  • You can also access iNapier via the brower:  go to https://i.napier.ac.uk/ and choose the Email tile. 

Accessing your email account via the Outlook App:

You should use the Microsoft Outlook App.  It’s compatible and available on all major operating systems and supports the following:

If you use an iPhone or iPad - find out how to use the Outlook app from an iPhone / iPad

If you use an Android device - find out how to use the Outlook app from an Android device

Other email apps are not supported and in many cases will not be compatible.  If your device does not support Microsoft Outlook, you can access email via a browser by visiting outlook.office365.com


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