How do I save / edit an email attachment?

How do I save / edit an email attachment?

Aimed at:  Edinburgh Napier’s students and staff

When working with email attachments always save the file before making changes.

If you make changes to the attachment itself then you will lose the changes.

To save and edit an email attachment:

  • Open the email containing the attachment.
  • Office 365 users: click on the attachment, when the File Download dialog box opens choose Save.
  • MS Outlook users: right click on the attachment and choose Save As.
  • In the Save As dialog box save the file to the relevant location – if you are working within the University you are advised to save the file to your personal data area (H drive).
  • Close the email and open the file from the save location remembering to save any changes you make.

Please note: email should not be used as file storage for University data. Records should be transferred to a suitable alternative business system or saved to SharePoint or S: drive which are backed up.

If you require further help or information please contact the IS Service Desk by telephoning ext. 3000 (0131 455 3000 externally) or emailing .

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