How do I protect myself from phishing emails, spam and other scams?

How do I protect myself from phishing emails, spam and other scams?

Aimed at:  Edinburgh Napier’s staff & students

Follow the guidance below: 


  • Give out your username or password to anyone.
  • Click on links that ask you to give account details. 
  • Reply to any email you suspect is a scam or phishing attempt.


  • Follow the guidance on how to protect yourself from viruses.
  • Ignore any emails that offer financial gain by transferring funds.
  • Ignore emails that appear suspicious or contain spelling and grammatical mistakes.
  • Read the claims made by the email carefully - if they seem too good to be true, they often are!
  • Ask if in any doubt - if an email seems to be from your bank or another familiar company it’s safer to contact them to confirm they sent the email, before submitting any details.
  • Type in a website address manually, rather than clicking links contained in an email.
  • Delete the email.
  • Protect your password.
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