Can I print from a laptop?


Can I print from a laptop?

Aimed at:  Edinburgh Napier’s staff & students

You can print from a laptop via the Web print service using a wireless connection.  (Please note: you cannot print out in colour using the Web print service)

1.  Open your web browser and go to:

2.   Log in using your University login ID and password:


3.  The Summary page will open. To print your document click on Web Print:


4.  Then click on the Submit a Job link on the right hand side:


5.  Select Follow Me Q from the list of printer names then click on: 2. Print Options and Account Selections:


6.  Click on 3. Upload Document:



7.  Click on Browse to select the document that you want to print.  You can also see from the screen shot below that you can only print certain types of documents.



 8.  Your document will be submitted for printing, a message in green will display during the submission.   You will then see the status change to read 'Held in a queue'


9.  You can now go to the nearest MFD (multi functional device), log in, and select Print Release to print the document.



10.  Once you are finished, log out of Web Print by clicking on the Log Out button:

If you have any problems or questions please contact the IS Service Desk:




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