How do I access my staff email account from an iPhone?

How do I access my staff email account from an iPhone?

Aimed at:  Edinburgh Napier’s staff

To access your staff email account from an iPhone:

  • From your iPhone choose Settings.

      Settings image

  • Select Mail, Contacts, Calendar:

          iPhone image

  • Click Add Account.  On the Add Account page choose Microsoft Exchange:

           iPhone image

  •   The Enter your Exchange account information page will appear:

           iPhone image

Enter the following details:

  • Email: your email address
  • Domain: napier-mail
  • Username: your University username
  • Password: your Password
  • Description: go with the default


  • Click Next.  Please note: the application will take approximately 1minute to verify your account.
  • If asked for Server value enter
  • Select which mailbox items you would like to synchronise then click the Done or Save button:


  •   The application will then return to the Mail, Contacts, Calendars Page.

You can now access your University email via the Mail icon.

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