How do I get my staff machine reimaged?

How do I get my staff machine reimaged?

Aimed at:  Edinburgh Napier’s staff

Staff members can get their machines reimaged at any time:

  • You can find out your current image revision by noting the Revision number within the More Computer Details section of the IT Support Tool.
  • Before you get your machine reimaged you MUST check that your PC adheres to the authorised specification which can be found on the Procurement Intranet page, this will ensure the desktop image can be installed on your machine.

PC image


To get your machine reimaged to the latest version:

  • Visit the Staff Forms intranet page.
  • Click on the Windows Image link.
  • Follow the on screen instructions to complete the form.


Please take note of the following:


  • Your desktop files will be copied by the technician.
  • You should copy all files held on your C drive to your H drive, if you don't have enough space on your 'H' Drive you should create a new folder on your Desktop, call it "Transfer" and move files to there.


  • In the comments section of the form enter details of any additional mailboxes you have access to (e.g. generic email accounts).


  • Your Internet Explorer Favourites will be copied by the technician.
  • If you use any other browsers on your PC (e.g. Firefox, Chrome), state this in the comments section of the form.

Non-Standard Software:

  • If you have any non-standard software installed on your PC please ensure you have the installation files / licenses (where required) - the technician will need access to these.


  • Please note that the University's Print Policy requires that all staff use the new Xerox MFD (Multi-Functional Device) services which are available on all three campuses. The print queue installed on any new or reimaged PC will be the Follow-Me queue which allows prints to be collected more securely from any MFD device across all campuses.  Local printers previously installed will not be reconnected as standard.
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