What do people talk about during counselling?

What do people talk about during counselling?

Aimed at:  Edinburgh Napier’s students

You can tell the Counsellor about anything that's bothering you, however large or small you think the problem is, and whether it is related to your studies or your personal life. Experience shows that it's often best to catch a difficulty early on, before it has the chance to grow. But counselling can help even if you have reached crisis point and everything seems impossible.

Many students find there are things they can't discuss with family or friends. Your Counsellor won't be judgmental, or shocked by what you tell them. They won't trivialise anything important to you. It is okay if your concern is about something that happened years ago, such as childhood abuse, or if it is about parental break-up or bereavement. It is okay if your major concern is your life now. The transition to University from school, home or work can be stressful.

Many students feel lonely and homesick. You may feel worried, depressed, confused or anxious, because of work or exams, difficulties at home, a broken relationship, money problems... or for no obvious reason at all.

Some typical questions and concerns:

  • My parents are getting a divorce...
  • I'm panicking about my presentation...
  • I've just split up with my girlfriend and I've got an exam...
  • I can't cope - sometimes I feel as if I'm going mad...
  • I feel really low and anxious these days...
  • I'm behind with my work - I can't get motivated...
  • My friends are worried that I've got an eating disorder...
  • I'm pregnant and I don't know what to do...
  • I'm worried about telling my flatmates that I'm gay...
  • My mum died last year and now it is really affecting me...
  • I have started self-harming again...
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