What happens when I meet my counsellor?

What happens when I meet my counsellor?

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It is a good idea to arrive a few minutes early, to make sure your appointment can start on time. Your counsellor will come and find you at your appointment time.

Your first appointment will be a consultation meeting. It is a two way process. The Counsellor will get to know you, and your concerns and hopes about counselling. You can find out what counselling has to offer. You can ask questions, if you want to, about the Counselling service and the counselling process.

Your counsellor knows how difficult it can be to ask for help and talk about your problems. He or she won't mind if you find it hard to express your feelings, or if you cry or get angry. You are in control of the pace at which things happen.

At the end of the first meeting, the following outcomes are common:

  • Counselling is to continue. Typically this would be for up to 5 sessions. Generally people attend counselling on a weekly basis. On-going counselling is not necessarily with the counsellor you see initially, but thereafter you will see the same counsellor for each appointment.
  • No further appointments are needed. This may be because you got what you wanted from the consultation, or because you and your counsellor decided other ways of resolving your problem would be the best option.
  • You are referred to specialised or long term counselling. This will only be if you want it.
  • You and your counsellor agree that another source of help is more relevant, e.g. a Student Advisor, your tutor.
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