How can International Students start working in the UK?

How can International Students start working in the UK?

Aimed at:  Edinburgh Napier’s students

​If you have completed a degree-level course at Edinburgh Napier University and you apply under Tier 2 before your current Tier 4 immigration permission expires, the Immigration Rules allow you to start your Tier 2 job after you have applied for your Tier 2 leave, even if the Home Office has not yet decided your application. This allows you to start a full-time permanent job, which is not usually allowed before your Tier 2 leave is granted – this provision came into effect on 6th April 2012 as a result of a change to the Tier 4 work conditions. Note that you must have completed a degree-level course. If you are applying to Tier 2 after 12 months of study towards a PhD, but before you have been awarded it, you cannot rely on this provision unless you have previously completed a degree-level course in the UK.

You should discuss this with your Tier 2 sponsor before starting a full-time permanent job. Even if you could start your Tier 2 job before your immigration permission is granted, your employer might not want you to do this as it could lead to problems if your Tier 2 application is not successful.

If you are not able to start your Tier 2 job until the Home Office grants your Tier 2 immigration permission, and you applied before your previous leave expired, you remain subject to the conditions of your previous leave while you wait for your decision.

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