How do I report Bullying and Harassment?

How do I report Bullying and Harassment?

Aimed at:  Edinburgh Napier’s staff & students

Edinburgh Napier University is committed to ensuring the right of all students and staff to be treated with respect and dignity. The University operates on the basis of equal opportunities for all, and will not tolerate the harassment or bullying of any member of the University community by another, or the victimisation of anyone for reporting such behaviour. The University has a statutory obligation to protect its students and staff from harassment. Anyone who suffers such treatment will have the support of the University management, the trade unions and the Edinburgh Napier Students' Association in taking action to stop it.

All reports of bullying and harassment will be investigated and action may be taken against perpetrators if evidence suggests that any form of bullying and/or harassment has taken place. The term bullying and harassment covers verbal and physical as well as abusive postings directed at individuals on social network websites which could be construed as “cyber bullying”. If you feel you are or have been a victim of cyber bullying, you may wish to view the support available at The Cybersmile Foundation website.

If you wish to report or discuss an incident or suspected incident of bullying or harassment, please contact Richard Bews on 0131 455 2396 if the incident relates to a student at the University (either as victim or perpetrator).

Students may wish to contact the ENSA Advice, run by the Edinburgh Napier Students Association (ENSA), to discuss support available.

If you are a member of staff and wish to report an incident which concerns a fellow member of staff or contractor, please contact Human Resources on 0131 455 3362.

Edinburgh Napier University has just released a new policy, Recording of Learning & Teaching Activities, it is about students recording teaching and learning activities.

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