I can’t find a book in the library?

I can't find a book in the library?

Aimed at:  Edinburgh Napier’s students

If you can't find the book you want in our libraries, you have a number of options. If you need help, contact the library

If all the copies of a book are out on loan

  • Check LibrarySearch to see if there is an ebook available.
  • If it is hardcopy only, place a request. We'll email you when it is available. If it's at another campus, we'll deliver it to your campus.

Could you use a similar book? Try the Similar Items link to see other books in the same subject area, a new keyword search, or check the shelf where the book should be (books on the same subject are kept together).

If the book is not on LibrarySearch

Recommend a book for purchase

  • Use the Unidesk Student Book Purchase Suggestion form​.
  • This will send the details of the book to your subject librarian and they will consider whether to buy it.

If you are having trouble accessing books on your reading list, please contact your School's Subject Librarian​ (Information Services Advisor).

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