Why can’t I pick up a book request at my own library?

Why can't I pick up a book request at my own library?

Aimed at:  Edinburgh Napier’s staff & students 

You can! But not if it is on the shelves in that library.

You can't place a request for a book which is on the shelf in the library where you want to collect it, but you can go to the shelf and pick it up yourself.
This is to give all library users the same chance to use books which are physically on the shelf.

You can still request a book if it is on loan to another user and pick it up from your home campus library. You can also request a book
which is on the shelf at other Edinburgh Napier libraries, and it will be delivered to your home campus library.

If you live outside Edinburgh or find it difficult to get to our libraries, you can sign up for the Postal Loans Service and have books posted out to you.

Students: Go to the Request a book myNapier page. 


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