You only have the print copy of a book and I want an ebook? (or vice versa)

You only have the print copy of a book and I want an ebook? (or vice versa)

Aimed at:  Edinburgh Napier’s staff & students

Subject librarians aim to buy online books where possible.

A decision is usually made based on:

  • Number of students on a module
  • Location of students
  • Availability of ebook (a book may be available on Kindle etc for individual use, but not to the academic library market)
  • Cost of ebook versus print version
  • Academic staff member request

If you feel that a particular format of a book would help you in your studies or research, contact your subject librarian.
Please provide as much information as possible.

For Staff book suggestions, use the Unidesk Staff Book Purchase Selection form
For Student book suggestions, use the Unidesk Student Book Purchase Suggestion form.

For more help

Students: Go to the My Librarian myNapier page.

Staff: Go to the MyLibrarian intranet page.

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