How do I book a Group Study Room online?

How do I book a Group Study Room online?

Aimed at:  Edinburgh Napier’s students

Online booking is currently available for Group Study Rooms at Craiglockhart Library and Sighthill LRC.

Please note: not all bookable rooms are available for students, click here to view a full list of Group Study Rooms that you can book.  

Find out how to book a Group Study Room at Merchiston.

To book a group study room online

  • Use your University Calendar
    • Go to > EmailCalendar  Calendar icon
    • Choose New
    • Add a title for your group - NOT your name.
    • Enter the Start and End date and time for the booking. This will mean you only see available rooms in the next step.
    • Choose the room you want to book by clicking in 'Add a Location or a room'.
    • Click Add Room (do NOT type in the room name or select from any auto-completed entries).
    • Choose your room from the drop down list ONLY. Scroll down until you see the Group Study Room names and click on the one you want. Only available rooms will be shown. See list of rooms available.
    • Use the People section to invite other group study attendees (start typing their name, and then click to add). They will then appear in the Attendees list, along with the Group Study Room you have chosen.
    • You can click Add an email reminder to send yourself and others an email reminder .e.g. One day before the meeting.
    • Click Send.

  • If your booking is successful, you will receive an email confirmation from the room you have chosen. The meeting and room booking will appear in your calendar and the calendars of all those you have invited to the meeting.
  • If you try to book a meeting when there is already a meeting in the Group Study Room's diary, your request will be rejected and you will get a message via email to say your request has been declined.

When you arrive at the Group Study Room

  • Make sure you click Confirm on the Group Study Room tablet.  If your booking is not confirmed in the first ten minutes, it will be cancelled.


How do I know if my booking has been successful?

  • The booking will appear in your personal calendar.
  • You must also ensure you have a confirmation email from the room you have booked - this is your proof of a successful booking.

Why is my booking not showing?

  • Check your time zone settings - you may have inadvertently made the booking at 3am instead of 3pm. Time zone should be (UTC +00:00) Dublin, Edinburgh, Lisbon, London.
  • Did you add the room successfully? The room should show as an Attendee at your booking.
  • Your booking may have been declined. Check your email.

Why has my booking been declined?

  • The room may not be available on the date you have chosen. Try an alternative date/time.
  • You may have exceeded the maximum booking time. You can only book for two hours.
  • You may be trying to book too far in advance. Room bookings cannot be made more than two weeks in advance.
  • It is not possible to make recurring bookings, each will have to be made individually.

Why are rooms not appearing in the drop down list?

  • Rooms will only appear if they are available at the time/date you have chosen. Try an alternative date/time.

To get an overview of availability in the Group Study Rooms, you can add a calendar - See How do I add a Group Study Room calendar?

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