How do I create a new email signature in Outlook?

How do I create a new email signature in Outlook?

Aimed at:  Edinburgh Napier’s staff

From within your Outlook inbox:

  • Click New Email
  • Click Signature and choose Signatures:


  • From the Signatures and Stationery screen click New:


  • Name your new signature:


  • Enter and format your text in the Edit Signature section - guidance on formatting your email signature can be found on the University Brand Hub
  • Once you have entered your signature click OK:


You can use different signatures for new messages, and for replied / forwarded messages:

  • In the Choose default signature section use the drop down menus to choose your signature for your new messages and replies / forwards as required.
  • Click OK.

Guidance for creating an email signature using Outlook on the Web can be found on the Microsoft website



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