How do I change my address?

How do I change my address?

Aimed at:  Edinburgh Napier’s students

Your address is likely to change at some point, it is important that you keep this up-to-date on our systems so that we can send you important letters and ensure that you are exempt from Council Tax.


To change your address you need to:


1. Go to your eStudent Record here and log-in:



2. Click on the Personal Details tab on the top line:



3. Amend your address in the My Addresses section using the button marked 'click here to edit these details':



4. Remember to check which address you're changing - The top one is your term-time or contact address and the bottom one is your home address....


5. Click on the Edit button for the address that you wish to change, make your amendments and press store:



 6. Check that your details are now correct in the Personal Details View.



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