How do I add a profile photo to my Office 365 account?

How do I add a profile photo to my Office 365 account?

Aimed at:  Edinburgh Napier’s staff & students

You can configure your Office 365 profile to include an image of yourself.

This will then display in the Office collaborative applications such as Outlook and Skype for Business instead of the default grey silhouette or coloured initials.

Staff members: to upload your photograph to use across the Office 365 suite of products you need to access the Office 365 settings through the web interface rather than through your Outlook client.

To upload a profile photo:

  • Log in to Office 365
  • Go to Settings and choose Office 365 from Your app settings:


  • From the left menu click Personal info and click Change Photo in the image box next to your name.


  • Click Browse and navigate to a suitable image of yourself.
  • Crop / rotate the image as required and click Save.

Please note:  it can take up to 24 hours for a new or updated image to become available across all services within Office 365.  

You can also update your profile picture on your Office 365 homepage by clicking on your display name / image which appears on the top right of the screen.   However, this method does not enable you to crop and rotate the image.

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