How do I book a staff meeting room using Outlook?

How do I book a staff meeting room using Outlook?

Aimed at:  Edinburgh Napier’s staff

This guidance explains how to book a staff meeting room using your Outlook calendar.  You may also find the Property and Facilities Room Booking Policy and Room Booking Procedure useful.

Please note: you cannot book one of the Group Study Rooms via this method as these are for students only.

You can book a staff meeting room when scheduling a meeting:

  • Open your Outlook calendar
  • Click New Appointment
  • Enter the Subject, date and start / end times, as well as any other information in the spaces provided:


  • Click Scheduling Assistant:


  • Go to the bottom of the screen, click Add Rooms and the Select Rooms screen will open:


  • You can then search for the relevant room, entering the campus first.  Please note the rooms are listed using the following naming convention:
    • <CAMPUS (in format): Craiglockhart, Merchiston, Sighthill> <ROOM NUMBER (in existing notation as per PlanOn, e.g. for Merchiston C31, for Craiglockhart 3/65, for Sighthill 6.B.14)> followed by additional information if required.

    • For example the Project Room at Craiglockhart is listed “Craiglockhart 3/65 Project Room”:


  • Once you have located the relevant room click Rooms -> and then OK.
  • You can add any other attendees if required and then click Send.  

You will receive an automated response from the meeting room either accepting your invitation or, if the room is not available, declining your invitation.                     


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