Where are the library books on each campus?

Where are the books in the library?

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Sighthill Learning Resource Centre (LRC)

Books can be found on LRC3 (third floor) and LRC4 (fourth floor).

To reach the fourth floor, you must use the internal lifts or stairs within the library block (Block E).

LRC3 - Print journals and Books & DVDs 000-599

LRC4 - Books & DVDs 600-999

Merchiston Library

Merchiston Library is organised in Zones.

Books can be found in Zone 5. You will need to walk through the other Zones of the library to reach the book stock.

Downstairs - Books 001-649, Journals A-Z, Music Scores, Abstracts and Indexes, LRS stock (further reading), CDs.

Upstairs - Books 650-999, DVDs.

Craiglockhart Library 

At Craiglockhart, you should see the book stock straight ahead of you in the centre of the library when you enter.

Craiglockhart books

Please ask help desk staff if you have any difficulty finding books.


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