Collaborative Working - Booths and Desks

Where are the Collaborative Working Areas?

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Collaborative working areas are available across the university. These spaces are open access and are the perfect environment to work as a group or to find an area for quiet study. Many of these booths and desks have a screens designed to allow you to connect and share your device with other people in the group. In the booths that support wireless connection you will find details on how to share your device easily. There's a PDF in this article which you can download with full instructions.  


Craiglockhart - Atrium

4 Booths with VIA Connect
Open access booths 

Merchiston - Library

Open access booths with screens

Merchiston - JKCC

4 Large Collaborative Group Hives
8 Booths with Via Connect
4 Popup Desks (each with 12 thin client PCs)
8 Small Booths without screens 

Sighthill - LRC1

4 Booths with Via Connect
4 Collaborative desks with screens


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