Can I use AppsAnywhere on my own device?

Can I use AppsAnywhere on my own device?

Aimed at:  Edinburgh Napier’s staff 

Yes, AppsAnywhere is available off campus and on wireless connected devices as well as on campus networked devices.


To access AppsAnywhere from your own device you will need:

  • A permanent Internet connection
  • A 64-bit version of Microsoft Windows
  • Up to 30GB free hard disk space (depending on which applications are launched)
  • The CloudPaging and AppsAnywhere clients – when first visiting the AppsAnywhere Portal you will be prompted to install these (instructions below).

You must clear your cookies if you have previously visited the AppsAnywhere on your device and did not install the software, or you wish to reinstall the software.  Please refer to your browser help for assistance on clearing cookies - the procedure for clearing cookies can be different for each browser/platform.  Please note: Failure to clear the cookies will mean you cannot download the software following these instructions. 

Installation Instructions:

To install AppsAnywhere:

                     AppsAnywhere Image

  • On the next screen, choose It's my first time using AppsAnywhere on this device. Let's go.

             AppsAnywhere image

            Warning! Failure to click the first time button will mean the software will NOT be downloaded on your device.

  • The application will download.  Run the installer and complete the installation accepting all default settings.  
  • Once you have installed the application, click Done in the browser.

             AppsAnywhere image

  • You will be prompted to run AppAnywhere launcher.  To ensure it remembers the settings, tick the Always open these types of links in associated app checkbox then click Open AppsAnywhere Launcher:

             AppsAnywhere image

              Please note: this message may appear with a different message/style depending on your browser/platform.

Further Information:

Any AppsAnywhere favourites you have set will be seen both on campus and off campus. However, due to current licensing and security restrictions, not all virtualised applications available to on campus devices can be made available off campus.

The University Software Download Service website also remains available for users to obtain and locally install a small selection of software packages which have home use licenses.

If you require further help please contact the IS Service Desk in the first instance.

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