How do I install MATLAB?

How do I install MATLAB?

Aimed at:  Edinburgh Napier’s staff 

Students, faculty, and staff may download an individual stand-alone copy of the software for each of the machines on which you are the sole MATLAB user (includes office (for staff) and personal machines).

Simply go to Edinburgh Napier University’s MATLAB portal to begin software download and activation of the license. 

Download the Installer (for users who have not already downloaded the installer):

  1. Go to the Edinburgh Napier MATLAB Portal provided by your University. Select ‘Get Started Today’ under the Download MATLAB section.
  2. Log in to your MathWorks account that is associated to your University license (you may be asked to login with your University credentials first).
  3. Click the download button for the current release (you can also download previous releases here).
  4. Choose a supported platform and download the installer.

Install and Activate:

  1. Run the installer.
  2. In the installer, select Log in with a MathWorks Account and follow the online instructions.
  3. When prompted to do so, select the Academic – Total Headcount license labelled Individual.
  4. Select the products you want to download and install.
  5. After downloading and installing your products, keep the Activate MATLAB checkbox selected and click Next.
  6. Follow the prompts to activate MATLAB.

Detailed installation instructions can be also found in the link below: How do I install MATLAB?

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