Can I forward & reply to my O2 voicemail messages?

Can I forward & reply to my O2 voicemail messages?

Aimed at:  Edinburgh Napier’s staff

You can forward a message that someone has left you directly to another Voicemail 901 user or send a reply directly to the caller's mailbox by keying 7 at the end of the message.

You will be asked to attach a note to the message just so the person you are sending it to knows who it is from.

You can also forward messages quickly and easily to more than one person by setting up a distribution list. You can have up to nine distribution lists each with up to 20 numbers in them.

To create a distribution list, dial 901 key * and then 6.

Please note; messages can be sent to any 901 user and are charged at your standard tariff rate for the time spent in 901.

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