My student would like to withdraw from studies, what are the options?

My student would like to withdraw from studies, what are the options?

Aimed at:  Personal Development Tutors

If a student has decided they want to leave:

Withdrawal or Suspension of studies: advise the Programme Administrator (or PDT in School of Health & Social Care) in writing. This sets date to calculate fees due.  Notice of withdrawal to be confirmed and signed by PDT or PL.

Advise student to contact Student Finance & Funding Body before withdrawal to be advised on financial implications. Date of withdrawal can result in significant consequences in terms of fees due and any future funding.  Email Student Finance at: 

If student is in receipt of SAAS funding, no fees will be paid to Napier by SAAS if they leave prior to 1 December (if September start) or 8 April (if January start). All students (regardless of funding body) will be liable for fees below……..

  1. Withdrawal in first 4 weeks of first Trimester - no fees; overseas student - deposit will be retained.
  2. *Withdrawal after 4 weeks - 25% fees; overseas student - 25% fees or deposit, whichever is greater.
  3. *Withdrawal after 10 weeks - 50% fees.
  4. **Withdrawal after 4 weeks of 2nd Trimester - 100% of fees.

SAAS implications
* SAAS will not cover fees if student withdraws before week 13, but student will retain the year funding for future study.
** If student leaves after 1 December, SAAS will cover fees but student loses a year’s funding for future study.
Information correct at December 2019

RUK students
If in receipt of finance from Student Finance England, Wales or Northern Ireland, the student should contact the funding body, as different funding bodies can have different liability periods.

Nursing & Midwifery Students
Funding arrangements for these programmes are different for students whose fees are paid by SAAS.  Please contact PDT, the School’s Student Experience Team, ENSA Advice or SAAS themselves to discuss further.

Student Accommodation: student must instigate 28 day notice period required to terminate tenancy agreement. PDT or PL to confirm withdrawal of studies. Student Accommodation can be emailed at: 

Reference request: respond in writing using the University reference disclaimer (Guidance on References item 3.2); offering only factual information; i.e. attendance, academic record, etc.  See guidance on references

ENSA: Advise student to seek support with terminating all financial commitments with regard to loans, fees and accommodation.  View ENSA Advice.  You can email ENSA at: 


If the student would like to stay but is experiencing significant or complex challenges:

PDT should make a referral to Keep On Track who can support them to explore potential options;
 i.e. help to co-ordinate supports and additional ideas/resources within or out with the University that may provide the support the student needs to keep on with their studies.

Further information can be found on My Napier

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