How do I set standard diverts on O2?

How do I set standard diverts on O2?

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The following table explains how to set standard diverts on O2:

Divert Type  To Activate  To Deactivate 
Not reachable  **62*901# Send   ##62# Send 
Busy **67*901# Send  ##67# Send 
 No reply (add sec in increments of 5)*   **61*901*11*no.sec# Send   ##61# Send 
 All calls (unconditional) **21*901# Send   ##21# Send 
 To cancel all diverts simultaneously N/A  ##002# Send  
 To check the status  *#(Divert Code - 62,67,61,21)# Send   N/A 

*Note: You only need to press * 11 * if you want to change the length of time your phone rings before it goes to Voicemail.

It's normally set to 30 seconds, but if you prefer, you can amend this to 5 - 25 seconds in increments of five seconds.

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