Where can I download free software?


Where can I download free software?

Aimed at:  Edinburgh Napier’s staff & students

As an Edinburgh Napier staff member or student, you are entitled to download some software to install on your home computer, for work or educational purposes. 

The software can be downloaded by logging in to the Software Download Service.

Before downloading the software you will need to read and agree to the Software Loan Agreement.  

Please note: some software is available only for UK based staff and students.

The following software is available to staff and students:

  • McAfee Endpoint Security (Anti Virus Software) - protects against viruses and spyware

  • NVivo - Qualitative Data Analysis software (available only to UK based staff and students)
  • SPSS - Statistical Analysis Software 

Staff members can also download:

  • Respondus to create and manage exams 

Further information including links to Installation Guides can be found on the following pages:

Staff: go to the Software for Home Use intranet page.

Students: go to the Software for Home Use myNapier page.

Please note: as part of Office 365, staff and students have access to the MS Office suite (Word, Excel etc.) – downloadable to 5 personal devices (including home PC, laptop, tablet and phone) per user. Find out how to access...

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