How do I enrol my Windows (home) device for Intune MDM?

How do I enrol my Windows (home) device for Intune MDM?

Aimed at:  Edinburgh Napier’s staff

Intune is the technology used for University’s Mobile Device Management (MDM) service for staff members.  Find out more...

This document explains the installation procedure to enrol Windows 10 Home edition versions (or not requiring to join Azure AD) into Intune MDM. (If your University owned device is Windows Pro or Enterprise, please follow the corporate guide). Your experience may differ slightly depending on the operating system version and tablet Vendor or different individual customisation of your device, but the principal procedure will be comparable.  A printable PDF version of these instructions can be found here

Please note:  If the device is currently enrolled in the AirWatch MDM you will need to unenroll the device via the Airwatch Self-Service portal or contact the IS Service Desk to unenroll the device before proceeding with Intune.

  • Download and install the Intune Company Portal app from the Microsoft Store.


  • Open the Intune Company Portal app and it will prompt you to sign in with your University account.
    • Sign in with your Edinburgh Napier University login (4XXXXXXX) followed by and click next.

  • Enter your Edinburgh Napier password and Sign In.

  • If you are set up with Multi Factor Authentication, you may be requested a verification code.
    • Enter the code you were texted and click next.

  • You may be requested to create a PIN. Select Create PIN to proceed.

  • Your account will now be added successfully to Intune.
  • Select Done to continue. 

  • You may be prompted to apply encryption to your device’s hard drives if not already done.
    • Check the tick box to verify you do not have another type of encryption software other than BitLocker.
    • Click Yes to continue the encryption, or click No if another type of encryption software is being used. 

  • Open the Company Portal from the Start Menu. Within the app, you have several option available to you for your device and apps.
    • Click the Apps option to see the apps available from Edinburgh Napier. 
    • Select the Office 365 Pro (x86 or x64 depending on your device) to install Office on your device. Login to an Office app with your Edinburgh Napier University credentials to authenticate.
    • Outlook will be included with the Office 365 suite. Add an account with your University credential to see emails.


  • Usually enrolling your device with the Company Portal will connect your account to the University.  If for some reason it doesn’t connect...
    • Open the Settings from the start menu of the device, and select Accounts in the Settings window.
    • Click on the select Access work or school option in menu on the left, then select  Connect.
    • Enter your Edinburgh Napier University credentials to connect your account.



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