Can recipients receive further help and support on encrypted emails?

Can recipients receive further help and support on encrypted emails?

Aimed at:  Edinburgh Napier’s staff

Yes, in the first instance recipients should contact the IS Service Desk:
Telephone: ext 3000 or (0131) 455 3000 from an external line.


We recognise that due to different time zones your recipient's support call may not be dealt with quickly. Out with core hours we recommend that recipients contact Microsoft directly. This service will also provide local language if required.

There are four methods for contacting Microsoft Technical Support to open a support incident:

Microsoft Premier Support: For more information about accessing Premier Support, go to the Microsoft Premier Support Online Portal or the Microsoft Premier Support Web site.

Technical support Web site:

Technical support email:

Telephone: Toll-free: 866.291.7726
Direct: +1.204.927.2299
International: UIFN 800-0000-0060

International Dialling Codes:
When using the UIFN phone number (800-0000-0060), use the following dialling codes for countries and regions that have UIFN support:

Australia 0011
Austria 00
Costa Rica 00
Denmark 00
Finland 00
France 00
Germany 00
Hong Kong SAR 001
Italy 00
0061-010, for IDC
0041 010, for Japan Telecom

Luxembourg 00
Netherlands 00
Norway 00
Switzerland 00

These are the individual telephone numbers for countries and regions that do not support UIFN:

Mexico 001-8885086467
Belgium 0800-75013

Further Information

You may also find the following links useful: 

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