How do externals with a limited associate account access SharePoint?

How do externals with a limited associate account access SharePoint?

Aimed at:  Edinburgh Napier’s staff and associate staff

Information Services are aware that there is an issue with SharePoint access for externals with a Limited Associate Account, those who have an Edinburgh Napier staff ID, but not an Edinburgh Napier email address.   This includes external examiners and overseas associate staff.  

As a workaround, associate staff members can access Office 365 or SharePoint by entering an email address in the following format:

[Staff ID Number]

  • If they enter this email address after following a link to a specific site, list or document that has been shared with them then they will get access.
  • If they go straight to or any Office 365 access page then they will still get access but will see a message similar to the message below as they have no licences applied.

             Image of off campus access

Further information about logging in to Office 365 off campus can be found here

Further information about Associate Staff accounts can be found here. 

If you require any further information please contact the IS Service Desk in the first instance.

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