How do I cancel a print job?

How do I cancel a print job?

Aimed at:  Edinburgh Napier’s staff

You can cancel a print job either online using your Print Account or on the Multi-Function Device (MFD).  This article explains how to cancel a print job online, to find out how to cancel via the MFD visit: Can I cancel a print job on the MFD?

To cancel a print job via your Print Account:

1.  Log in to the Edinburgh Napier app or My Account and click Print Credit or go directly to

2. Log in using your University login ID (student or staff number) and password:

     Papercut login screen

3.  The Summary page will open. From the menu on the left click Jobs Pending Release:

     Jobs Pending Release image

4.  You'll see a list of your print jobs.  If you wish to cancel a job click on the Cancel button next to the relevant item:

     Jobs pending release screenshot


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