Can I recover emails deleted from my Deleted Items folder?

Can I recover emails deleted from my Deleted Items folder?

Aimed at:  Edinburgh Napier’s staff

Within Outlook, all items deleted from your deleted items folder are retained within the system for 30 days.  Therefore, if you empty your deleted items folder but wish to retrieve any of the messages or other items, it is possible to do so providing it is within 30 days. 

To recover deleted items:

  • From within the Deleted Items folder click Folder
  • Select Recover Deleted Items, the Recover Deleted Items screen will appear
  • Select the items you wish to recover.  If you wish to recover all items click on the Select All button
  • Click on the Recover button.The recovered item(s) will be moved back into your Deleted Items folder

Please be aware of the following:

  • Office 365 email is hosted by Microsoft in the Cloud. The University does not take a separate backup of the email service. The only (general access) data areas that we back up are H: & S: drives and SharePoint which should be used for the storage of University records.
  • Deleted items from mailboxes may be recoverable but if items are deleted in a folder then the folder structure will not be restored when attempting to recover the files (i.e. they are restored into a flat file structure in the inbox).


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