What is the desktop image?

What is the desktop image?

Aimed at:  Edinburgh Napier’s staff & students

Information Services develop and run a centralised desktop Windows service for all fixed Edinburgh Napier University staff and student PCs

PC in Computer Suite image

The desktop is built on a distributed image, which is regularly revised and updated to maintain performance and functionality. 

The main features of the current Desktop Service include:

  • User Authentication
  • Locally installed applications
  • Up to two hundred centrally delivered applications including Microsoft Office
  • Centrally controlled anti-virus scanning
  • A personal network data space (H drive)
  • Shared network data spaces (S drive for staff)
  • Access to the Multi-Functional Devices to print, copy and scan
  • Free internet access, via Internet Explorer 


Staff members: find out how to get your machine reimaged to the latest version.

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