How to I request a temporary account for visiting, temporary, contractual and associate staff / personnel?

How to I request a temporary account for visiting, temporary, contractual and associate staff / personnel?

Aimed at:  Edinburgh Napier’s staff

Visiting/associate staff or personnel include any individual not directly paid through payroll, working as a member of, or on behalf of, the University for any length of time or period, e.g. a Visiting Professor.


To request a visiting/associate account:

  • Line managers must contact
  • This form must be fully completed and sent to Human Resources at least 3 weeks (15 working days) before an individual's start date otherwise access on their start date cannot be guaranteed. 
  • Notifications will be issued to Information Services by Human Resources identifying the need for resource requirements.
  • Please note that the IS Service Desk will be unable to action any requests until the correct information has been entered into HR Connect.


The account lifespan defaults to the end of Academic Year unless an alternative end date has been provided. 

Account will be ended if notified to HR as a leaver.


Associate staff will have access depending on the account requested:

  • Enhanced Associate - gives almost the same access as a staff user however the user is not part of the all staff mailing list
  • Associate  - an account that allows a little less access, this is geared at associates working within the university that need some restricted access and an email account
  • Limited Associate - a restricted access account that is for Moodle only access or for remote workers for specific restricted access to services​
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